Blame yourself not for my own doing,
As innocent as a lamb,
Consumed you in the heat of the moment,
Like the isukuti drums I played your heart
A prey you became,
Trapped you were,
To webs beautifully weaved and crafted for you,
And you tripped over my enchanting lies,
And once again,
I set out to quench my thirst.

Deceptive measures

Engulfed in his own suffering,
Criss-cross thoughts
Raving his insides,
Helplessness his everyday dose,
Way forward hard to tell.

Abandoned at the mercies of the soils,
Seeks refuge in them,
They befriend the lone him,
To calm him they promise,
Peace to give they claim,
His only companion he let them be,
To higher levels they soar,
To extreme and wild they roar,
A bond close to heart they formed he thought,

Used and drained he became,
His crys and wails saved him not,
A puff or two would do.

©wandering mind


Dearest one,

I cant tell you enough how beautiful you are,
I lack words to describe your seductive glazing eyes,
Thank you for being part of my days,
Thank you for being the joy and happiness in my world,
Thank you for you completed me in so many ways,
Emotionally,you are my support,
Physically, you are my strength,
And spiritually, you are my soulmate,
How I adore you my morning star,
The ups and downs,
Make me learn to love you the right way,
You are my peace,
I found you
And I found life in multiple measures.



Mistook your lies for the gospel truth,
Made a bed of roses of your empty words,
My affection to you I oozed,
Wholly I gave to you.

To your beats I danced,
Flowed with every rythym in you,
For mine I thought you were,
In you my trust I put,
And with you,
Was my heart.

Broken, bleeding,
In pain, I let go,
My addiction you were,
But myself I love most,
To hurt I want not.

© Wandering mind



I remember the skys were blue that day
I can still feel the sun scorching my insides
While birds chirp in the background
I can still vividly visualize
Your beautiful body adorned in your favorite dress
Yes, a sight worth a click for saves.
Your sweet voice still lingers on my head
As bitterness overflowed penetrating my eardrums
And like a double edged sword pierce through my heart
The heart I had entrusted to you
I remember a different shade of your eyes
Neither the love dilated eyes
Nor the caring eyes I was used to
I saw eyes full of hatred and evil

To be continued..


Let Go

At first
Was forced to let you go
It hurt until I became numb
I missed you
Till I got used to it
But today
With the stars bright in the sky
And a round blooming moon
To complement the scene
I sigh of relief
The breeze tingly on my skin
I finally let you go
Tears ticklingly trickling in my eyes
For the first time
I cry for happiness
I am happy for you.


Sometimes all we need is assurance of the love we claim to have, we all need a reminder of the emotions that clicked  at some point in the beginning of it all.

For the love and affection to grow, there is need to cultivate it with constant start ups.

So much can happen in a blink of an eye. And what we have built for ages, might go down the drain.

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