When I Proposed To Her

Blinded by her glowing virtues,
Compassionate and caring,
Honest she seemed,
Unquestionable humility she portraid,
Authentic she made me believe,
Best fit she undisputedly was.

Intoxicated by her lies,
Hallucinated with enchanting words,
A scripted act she had put,
Hidden in a mask,
Her real under the veil,
Waiting to be unveiled.

Pangs Of Hunger

Surprise my taste buds tonight,
Let my tongue savour your greatness,
Bless my stomach with deliciousness in plenty.

Better yet,
Make me a pie, a cinnamon pie,
Splashed with caramel and chocolate,
And your darkest berries to seal the deal,
Is it to much to ask?

Make haste,
My genie in a bottle,
I got an ounce of life left.

With crackled dry lips,
A black hole for a stomach,
And hungry as a nanny goat,
Hunger gnaws at my chest,
Giving sharp stabs causing acute pain,
Left at the mercies of the one in command,
Not even tears left to soak in,
Crounched I remain,
Hopelessly awaiting,
Manna from above.


You’d find me staring into space,
Not that I am plotting my next move, but,
Emersed deep in thoughts,
Thoughts engulfed with hopelessness,
Regret and turmoil.

With so little,
To hold on and hope for,
I set out to a place of relief,
A place contrary to the world,
Everything is unreal,
For in silence I find refuge,
In loneliness I find peace.

I know peace awaits me there,
For I control everything there,
No one will hurt me there,
For none exists there,
It’s just me

©wandering mind

Dearest One,

I cant tell you enough how beautiful you are,
I lack words to describe your seductive glazing eyes,
Thank you for being part of my days,
Thank you for being the joy and happiness in my world,
Thank you for you completed me in so many ways,
Emotionally,you are my support,
Physically, you are my strength,
And spiritually, you are my soulmate,
How I adore you my morning star,
The ups and downs,
Make me learn to love you the right way,
You are my peace,
I found you
And I found life in multiple measures.

Paint me your heart’s beats,
Your reasons to me avail,
My cool to maintain I promise,
Wild,I will run not,
My fury to hide I will,
My tears I will shed not,
Under the rain I will camouflage,
Drench me with naked truths,
For this, is the price of love.

©wandering mind.

The Mark Of Patience

Still holding on to your promises,
Braced with your steadfast love,
Your word, my armour,
By your word my strength is renewed.

Your goodness, immeasurable,
Your mercies, enduareth forever,
Your faithfulness in surplus,
Your majesties boundless,
And your love,
A love like no other.

In your presence, safe I am,
Your assurance, my nerves calm,
Unto you my worries I rest,
Before you my problems I lay.

A new dawn I hope for,
A victory promised of,
Greater is my faith in you,
For better days to live for,
Situations not permanent,
For my Savior lives,
And greater is His love for me.


© wandering mind

When my body turns cold,
While my heart jams to beat,
And my pulse fades,

When blood clots my veins,
While my breathe stops,
And my lungs give up,

When my face stills,
Concealing my warm smile inside,
When my eyes shut,
Locking me in the inside for good,
One last time,

When I loose my sensations,
And my emotions deprived,
Question not the Maker for this,

Drench yourself not in sobs,
For my time would have come,
For His harvest will be ready.

©wandering mind

Dear self,

Sorry for always making you an option while you should be my priority. Sorry for not listening to you whenever you reached out. Sorry I never took good care of you.

For all the moments on the brink of breaking, But held on, for the resilience and internal toughness you’ve portrayed, I want to thank you. Thank you for never have you given up on us, For ever being compliant and stretching to the limits, thank you too. For the understanding and problem solving capabilities, the endurance, and self care, I thank me again.

Thank you for moulding yourself to the best version of you.

More me time I will dedicate, to mend and care for self I will. Goals will set, and together will achieve.

© wandering mind

In every flipped page,
My pain is penned,
My worries and cuts,
Openned for you,
Inked in blood,
My wounds are sketched.

Ice and larva I spill,
Bold and frail I lay,
Darkness and shine exhumed,
Strengths and Weaknesses displayed,
Ambitions and delusions portrayed,
All I let out.

©wandering mind

A Letter Of The Aborted

Send me back to my Maker,
For my cup of suffering you will have taken away,
I will never forget how warm your insides are,
I may not have seen your face,
But I can tell you have a charming warm smile,
To complement your gorgeous prowess,
I will always dance to the beat of your heart,
For to me it gave life,
Mummy, I’ll always be proud,
For your blood fills my veins,
A part of you I will remain

I blame you not for this,
I may not understand your reasons,
But I trust your decisions,
Tell daddy I’ll miss him,
Tell him I would have stayed,
To enjoy playing in his strong biceped arms,
Get touchy with his well trimmed beards too,
But my time is up,
Tell him not to shed any tears,
For of his make I am,
And his I’ll always be,
In my Makers mansion I will sit,
And watch over him and you,
Tell him I love him,

Say hi to my siblings,
Tell them my departure raptured before my arrival,
Tell them to play with my toys,
Tell them I don’t mind them sharing my plate too,
Remind them to always be there for each other,
And their priority you become.

Thank you mommy

© wandering mind