The Vows Of Love

You are the sweetest being that I have ever met,
I love how you make me feel,
Infinite eruptions of pure bliss,
I love surfing and getting lost-
In the ocean of your gorgeous beaming set of eyes,
Your radiant smile subdues the cold inside me,
Setting my heart into a blaze,
Flares of passion warming my whole being.

I love the glow on your face when you’re happy,
Brighter than the noon summer sun-
you charm my mornings with your beautiful smiles,

My love,
Today I set out on a journey,
I have never been here before but I promise,
I promise not to leave any room for mistakes to slip through,
I promise always to make your cheeks hurt-
From plenty laughter and happiness.

I will cling to you-
As the skies cling round the mute earth forever beautiful,
I promise to head us how it is expected-
and lead us how He leadedth me too,

My love, your pillar in your worst of days I will be,
I promise to share in your sorrows,
And lift us up whenever you fall,
Our family’s shield I will be too,
For mine you are and forever a part of me.

I want you to know that I am not perfect either,
With all my imperfections-
I will perfect myself to be the best for you always,
Whenever I slip-
Hold me by hand and I’ll dust myself up
In you is where I draw my strength from,
Your hand in mine marching to a happy us.

Come walk by me in this long stretch journey,
I promise not to let-
Your feet get weary and sore,
I have not an automobile yet,
But I will sweat it off-
to carry you to where the Almighty has destined us for.

So, today I take you as a part of me,
Scribbling your name against mine-
in the books of the land-
and in the book of our Almighty,
I accept you as my companion in this journey,
I confide my affection in you,

Today, I let my heart pour out of immense joy,
In broad shine of day,
I give my heart to you,
I accept you as my darling wife.

wandering mind 2021

I’m Sorry

You did your part-
but my choice I made,
This is what I choose,
A part of you-
I will always hold in my heart.

Your perfect being I was not,
Setting you free to find your course,
A beta to better you.

Breaks me as much as it does you,
For I counted my golden eggs-
Early beofre they were laid,
Built castles with you as my blueprint.

I set us free,
Delving to what you truly deserve,
With same glitter shine in my eyes-
as was when our paths crossed,
I let you go,
For happiness to you I wish,
I’m sorry this is where we part.

wandering mind

Born To suffer

One, two, three counted the times-
I’ve seen the rise and set of brother sun,
An amicable solution was out of the equation-
for these only added to a bunch of numbers
sweetnamed to ‘years’ under brother sun.

Brother sun,
My paths you lit always
I couldnt tell how dark the tunnel is,
or if at all I was in one’s end
In shine you made me believe I was meant.

Brighter you shine,
Your glares burn out my eyeballs
depriving me a glimpse of good,
and a taste of divine.

Brother sun,
You scorching away the tinniest hope left
Drying my well of luck,
Perhaps a reminder of my agonizing tenure
Was I born for this?

Night Changes

Believe me if I told you I hate it?
That I hate whatever has become of me?
I hate it as dusk approaches fast as lightning,
With it my surprise in store,
Exhumed from the glares of the sun,
My worries to life they come.

The moon’s rays out perfectly,
But still, To light its unable to bring,
All that the night’s pitchness conceals,
Numb to the night’s cold,
Finds solace in his arms,
Groping hastily,
Flick a zipper or two,
Unclasp a couple more,
A ride in the night doesn’t hurt,
To destinations unguaranteed of,
In a blissful rhythm,
The night paves way,
For a seemingly wonted day,


Precisious yet so delicate,
As petals under the moonsoon winds,

My faith in Him I will sustain
With uncertainity of what awaits,
To Him who is Sovereign,
To whom all we belong,
Him who is omniscient,
My tomorrow He holds,

To His supremacy I submit,
Amazed with His obiquitousness,
He fails me not,

Leadeth me to victory,
Graces my life with boundless faithfulness,
To Him shall my praises rise,
Onto Him I entrust my life

These scars you see in me

These Scars you see in me,
Are all but for a good course,
For thou cost me wails,
My joy begot too.

These scars you see in me,
Are cuts deep into me,
Punctured my whole being,
Imprints of your being.

These scars you see in me,
I endured for your well being,
Gave life at a mighty price
Cut for you to live.

These scars you see in me,
Are all for a good course,
For I begot thee,
Fruit of my own womb.

© wandering mind

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes
And I’m engulfed in darkness of night
When my body stiffens in that cold night
Embrace my torso tightly
Let me feel your warmth one last time

If tomorrow never comes
Dress me in my favorite shirt
And put on my pair of happy socks
Forget not my sweetest cologne
For that’s the scent I’d wish to leave you with

If tomorrow never comes
Sing me our happy song
Feed my ears with your delightful voice
One last time before I’m put under
Setting off to my lasting home

If tomorrow never comes
Keep our memories at heart
For gone I am from sight
But forever with you at heart

If tomorrow never comes
Bury me when sun shines
For I was light
Son of all Might

© wandering mind

To The Guy Dating My Ex

Stumble upon not the same names we had for our kids
I hope you learn soon that she prefers bitter to sweet
She gets crazy sometimes too
Learn that she get jealous when attention is deprived

Learn behind that iron heart lies a fragile being
Let not her charming smile deceive you
She too has a breaking point

On weekends,
Book her favorite spot in the restaurant down hill
Gaze and admire the beauty afore you
As she fumbles and mumbles at the menu

Cool the heat of day with a swim
A swim in sweet nothings and charming lies
Let the passion burn
Hers and yours in perfect blend

When Monday comes,
Brewed coffee and kisses her favorite pack
Hug her weekend’s blissful hangovers away
Engulfing her in your tight embrace
Warming her week’s worries away

My keeper she is,
A part of me she will always be,
For she’s a sin
I would faithfully submit to over and over again.

© wandering mind

Faded II

When it all fades and the spark is no more,

when the clock ticks it’s last of what it had in store for us,

when we collide head on with the end of our eternity,guard the memories we made with your dear life,

our end would have come but let the moments live on.

For you are forever a part of me

© wandering mind


From the same silence that begot our growth, may it never go back to how it was before it started. May my love for you strengthen you and give you reasons to stay even when you feel otherwise.

May the bond between us never weaken and last us a whole eternity. May you always look at me with the same love filled eyes from back when we first met. Let my presence calm you as it has always done. Let me be your home where you come back to after exhaustion of the day.

May you always choose me first as you are my everyday’s choice too. May I be the reason behind your broad charming smiles just as you are the keeper of my happiness. May I also be the comforter and the comfy being you confide in during your troubles and your worst of days. May I always be the reason you get butterflies Everytime our hands brush.

May I be the one your heart will always belong to. The one you will always love.

Ritual Combat

As seconds dreadfully dragged into minutes,
And as minutes painfully,
At snail’s crawl turned to hours,
So was our last ounce of hope draining away,
Rendering us dejected,
Despairing of the darkness fast approaching.

Melodiously were the birds chirping,
Only that this time, with slow dark soothing rhythm,
They lamented in agony,
Filling the air with beautiful dirges,
Aesthetically selected for him,
Setting the mood for the procession that awaits,
To join in the land of immortals.

Drip after drip were his pulse fading,
Fading like sundew in the scorching sun,
Weaker and weaker his heart beat it’s last,
Weary to hold on a little longer,
Desperate to snatch every bit of life left in him,
Determined to confine son of the soil,
To the land of no return, six feet under.

In awe we watched as darkness engulfed,
Submitting to the Maker’s will,
His body laid still,stiffened,lifeless it seemed,
All was gone,finished before it even started.

A beep!Another beep!
He coughed his way back to life,
Letting air fill his lungs again,
Light had prevailed over darkness,
once again, he lives to fight another day.

© wandering mind

A Letter To My Son

Dear son,
You are a miracle,
Eternal blessing you are to us,
My sweet son, let love be your guide always,
Use your mind, don’t forget your heart too,
Be brave and strong,
Be smart and hardworking too,
Life is beautiful,
Life is what we make it to be.

Dear son,
Fight with words but not with your strength,
Guard your tongue not to taint yourself unclean,
From your mouth spill only love,
For life never ends until we stop to love.

My son, life is full of lessons,
Embrace mistakes and learn from them,
I promise to hold your hand in your failures,
Together help you find the right path.

I promise to teach you how to become a king,
I will teach you how to stand up for yourself,
And kneel before our God,
Smile always in tough times,
For He forever has our backs.

My son, the world is crazy,
I will teach you forgiveness,
Let not your anger get the best of you,
Be quick to listen and slow to act,
I promise to teach you freedom,
Follow your heart and choose wisely.

My beloved son, choose what counts,
Protect what you love,
Always be yourself,
Be confident and always trust your instincts,
Be peaceful and respectful,
Be kind and honest,
Light up the world with your beautiful shine.
I love you.

© wandering mind


Hugs tighter than it used to be,
For she hated space between them,
She yearned for kisses with more passion,
Fiercely hot to melt her cold heart,
His presence was all she craved for,
For in his arms she found a home,
And safe she felt,
A little more won’t hurt she told herself.

Bit by bit she got herself in,
Foolish like a sheep,
Her desires she obeyed,
Like her god she exalted him,
To him she clung,
Like wet cloth upon skin,
Faithfully devoted to her newly found cult,
And incarcerated by her own wants,
A hostage of obsession she became.

© wandering mind


Into the oblivion of ferocious passion follow me,
Let your tender hands explore me,
Like an archer with swift hands at the bow,
Let your slender fingers search me out,
Reaching for the rose that awaits to blossom.

Delicate yet so hot your skin feels,
As your body moves under my hands,
Let me savour your riches,
Quenching my thirst and hunger,
Let me write upon your skin,
Scribble my heart out,
Words of lust and want,
With my tongue leaving marks of victory.

Let me skim your folds,
Have a sip of divine liquor,
Pooled around your crevices,
Deeper I delve into you,
Groans of bliss and passion,
Into the abyss of ecstasy we fly,
A stroke for a moan,
Our cravings we seek,
To contentment we flee.

© wandering mind


I zoomed,

Flattered by calmness from within
A sparkle in your eyes tells it all,
A story of hope and determination,
One of perserverance and resilience,
Teary yet overgrown by your glow,
Masking everything within,
Splendid show you put.

Your smile,
Your smile so warm and charming,
Adorning your gorgoeus physique,
Cheerful it seems, falsifying what’s within,
Burdened with much to spill,
To Him your only refuge,
Ululates for self’s sake,
Unto Him the everlasting one.

Flawless you are,
Beautified with cracks and scars on skin,
As proof of His Might and Faithfulness,
Affirmation of how beautifully you survived,
In the past they remain,
Archived amongst desolate history.

I zoomed,
A diety you have become,
Exquisite, with elegance,
Of much substance you are,
I zoomed and I saw you.

© wandering mind