Join me for a stroll down this route,
I have been here before but-
follow my lead to where this takes us,
Hoping this turns out different and blissful,
Your hand in mine parading with no shame,
Pull me close into you till our hearts beat as one,
As our passion burn brilliantly in eternal flames,
Lets get lost in oblivion sweetness..

I’ll let your words caress my insides,
Smooch my emotions till tender,
I won’t let loose but guard my affection for you,
Open as shore to the sea,
I will let you anchor by my heart,
Docking my love for eternity.


I Give You A Yes

Assure me that I’ll be your immortal bliss,
As the sky cling around the earth,
May ours florish with purest of love,
I wish not to be your favorite poem,
Fill not your books with words,
Words full of love about me,
For what will happen once your ink pot runs dry?

Come in wary and watch your steps,
Hurt to you I wish not in this place,
Mind not my broken state,
I am a broken vase,
Stride at a steady pace,
I am willing to join you in this race,
Make this our happy place.

I give you a yes,
Finesse this with ace,
Entice me with your deep bass,
As I adore your beautiful face,
My answer is Yes.

Entice me with your alluring charms,
Enslave me let me be your bondsman,
Caress my insides with your tender pen,
I will be your book ready to be filled.
Mine was not to fall for you,
None is out there like you,
You glow bright as polished ice blocks,
The lone bird in my nest,
Chirp away all disdained thoughts,
Weave us our little haven nest,
In it to dwell side by side.

Allow me to make you my own,
All doom I will whisk from you,
With every rose here-in does my heart flow to you,
Amongst odds you stand out to be best,
Hazy as fluorescent beams make me your precious art,
Flood me with your glow,
Join me in my dwelling place soon to be kingdom,
let’s fritter away boredom,
Because you around me is the piece missing for this fix.
@Wandering Mind

Daughter of the earth,
Burrow in a little closer,
Closer for I hate emptiness invading between us,
Close enough to be a part of me always.

Choking with affection for you,
I have a string of wishes for your happiness,
As your radiance glam my world,
Unto you goodness I will fulfill.

Oh dearest deity,
My word i give today,
to drink only from your well,
Not to give reason to depart,
A part of you and a part of me we each own.

Come lets commence this stretch,
Selves erupting with bliss,
Mine bursting with gratitude for you,
Won’t be easy I know,
But to guard you I will till forever,

Dear Self,

As you wander seeking gratification and fulfilment,
Traversing the multitude setbacks,
Amidst all whether fruitful or not,
As you strive to attain whatever your goals are,
Pushing yourself to the limit,
While holding you too accountable-
When things fail to add up,
I thank you.

For holding up this while all along,
Diligently gracing everything with decency,
Against shackles of tribulations that came your way,
Undauntedly managed to suffice adequately,
I applaud you.

As you age turning a year older,
May the strive in you suppress your fear,
May your angels forever shield you from evil,
May your ways always be lit with excellence,
Guideth by Almighty may you be blessings to many,
Bright as stars near and far
May your radiance spread.

Shan what not fruitful at all,
Guard all your ways regret to avoid,
As turn a year older,
Learn from all the wrongs,
A conscience to keep clean as a whistle
Happy Birthday to Me.

Aborted Dreams

Stranded at crossroads,
Unsure whether to march on or not,
My blissful hands proof of my toil,
Soaking in sweat the price I pay,
My zeal draining out,
I stare as my hope dims away.

Exhausted with the chase,
Here is where I wish to take rest,
Shanning away from what I ought to seek,
Tooth and crook-
I gave a good fight,
Now I must sail on different route,
Fingers crossed-
The winds to take me where it please.


His heart sunk drowning in this mess,
Choking with lust from within,
His prey she became,
To devour her his main aim he set.

He tread forward to match his prey-
Through fields that belongeth not to thee,
Unweary of the herder coming by,
He eyes and lusts for his prey.

His intent now clear,
As clear as crystal,
As he hastens his strides,
In swiftness towards his prey.

He savours with no regret,
Cries giving rhythm to his pace,
Quenching his thirst with divine,
Unstained now tainted,
One what belongeth not to him.

Lord Here I Come

Crippled and wary-
I thirst for your forgiveness,
Before your throne oh Lord I come,
Prepare me for your kingdom dear Lord,
For I am nothing without you.

Calm the storms against me Almighty,
Save me from bondage of wrongs,
Spare me from wages of sins oh God,
Redeem me from doom awaiting,
For I am nothing without you.

Take away the cup of suffering from me,
Sweep away my pain oh Lord hear me,
Let not sorrow consume me,
Guide my path in line to your teachings,
For I am nothing without you.

Let my cup overflow immensely,
Fill me with sufficient faith,
May your grace always favour me,
That your name be exalted in me,
For I am nothing without you.

Unto you my king with strides I come,
All weary turning to you to take rest,
My refuge in you has always been,
By your side has my place forever been,
For I am nothing without you.

My Sweet Mistake

Rapture of my loins I adore you,
Burst fill of emotions you entice me,
Mine you’ve set ablaze to eternity,
Unforeseen was your arrival,
One I regret not-
A shine so bright for my darkened soul.

Tamed by lustful wants of the flesh,
Tripped on all what was divine of her,
Of my own flesh the gods granted,
One to love and never detaste,
Blissful still I am for you,
Rapture of my loins I adore you.

Sequel full of erruption of emotions ,
Culprits of vicious desires,
Minding not the untimeliness of it all,
Fire on fire the passion burns on,
Joyous to behold product of our escapades,
Rapture of my loins I adore you.

Love And Other Drugs

Hotter than the midday Chalbi sun,
The gulps scorch my throat,
I savour the sourness of the liquor,
In this bittersweetness is where my happiness lies,
My veins pulsipating to the beat of the heart,
As intoxication tread through my nerves,
Parading towards my mighty brain,
Blanky I stare into emptiness,
Trying to make sense out of this blurriness.

With every thud and every bump,
I loose myself a little more to this madness,
A part of me breaks a little more too,
Rhythmic beat of our hearts is lost in this pool,
Our synchrony swallowed wholly,
My vision now murky and unsteady,
As waves of uncertainites crashes upon me,
I drown, I drown in this sea of emotions,
Depression munching on me ruthlessly.

I mask it all with puffs,
All the hurt you’ve piled on me,
I have lost trace of my way back to you,
Broken for sure
Yours that was to keep,
Pleasantly you shuttered it away,
I agonizingly surrender to them for comfort,
As I reminisce all of what we were afore,
Perfectly adorned for a happy ever after.

Trading my smiles with all what was gloom,
Unwary of what lays ahead,
I let puffs caress my insides,
I get lost in its timelessness,
A prisoner of love and drugs,
Wasted, a villain in my own story,
Concurring to my defeat and end,
I stare down the path I came,
Wishing this not to any soul.

I Still Needed You

Tears moisten my glaze,
My eyes blurry and watery,
I miss you with every tick of clock,
Every dawn as day breaks I miss you too,
I crave for you in this despair,
My heart shatters into pieces afresh,
Fragments I unwittily have to recollect,
To stitch my darkened grieving soul,
I yearn for your presence on days long,
To feel you once more before you go.

Melodies no longer merrier,
Music uncouth on no end,
Memories of you rattle in my mind,
Making me miss time spent with you,
My ruptured heart-
Bleeds heavy for your presence,
My silent cries soothe me in this loneliness,
On days I break I miss you even more,
I still needed you here with me,
You were my tower of strength.

I remember how you gave me hope,
Hope to sail through whatever comes my way,
I hold on dearly to virtues you taught me,
As I remember I pray for sanity never to go astray,
My pot heavy filled with burdens,
Your void trying to fit in,
You filled a place no one else could,
In my heart you are forever here.
I dread the day the harvester came for you,
For I still needed you here with me.

These Scars You See In Me

Adorning my skin are scars,
Scars beautifully and painfully inscribed,
Scars full of sorrow and misery still,
Barren to your eyes hidden in seclusion.

Scars beautifully and painfully inscribed,
Deep gashes into my soul,
Firey torment scorching ruthlessly,
Barren to your eyes hidden in seclusion.

Besides your tombstone I camp,
My heart heavy with grief,
Grief immense drowning me in deep,
Buried in sorrow my only console.

Barren to your eyes hidden in seclusion,
Burdened with memories all I hold close,
Forever with me these scars I embrace,
Scars full of sorrow and misery still.

Never What It Seems

She had charms of a saint,
And thoughts of a lunatic,
She harvested my soul-
And made emptiness feel safe,
Her glorious touch-
Effortlessly subliming me,
Leaving me drowning in my ego,
Lusting for more of all what is forbidden.

Lies spewed from her,
Beautifully crafted they were,
Ones I worshipped with no hustle,
Leading me on into raging storms,
Barely remaining afloat,
As waves crashed upon me,
Capsizing every tiny bits of hope,
Of us together whenever forever.

I know not why I cant run,
Neither can I feebly make a turn,
From all that compels me to shun,
Enthralled in this schemy spun,
Under servitude of her mighty reign,
Never wishing for sunsets again,
For she is my dawn,
Trapping me in its fine.

Private Publicity

Its me again,
Ravaging through facades of love,
Scavenging bits of what’s left of us,
Us who had vowed to stay,
To stay sticking around through it all,
Through all that may pave its way,
In a way flooding our existence-
Wrecking all in havoc,
Drowning ours along with it.

Perusing to find the pieces,
Pieces of myself that once was whole,
Pieces of me that you shattered,
Pieces you stained and scattered,
Shamelessly scattered to all,
Stains you and I crafted solely,
Ones better off between us should’ve stayed.

Its me again,
Dangling on the edge,
Loving the feel of it all,
The rush exciting my nerves,
With none to redeem thyself,
I let all consume me wholly.